Thursday, February 17, 2011

Nature Hike & A Red Tailed Hawk

Isn't he just a handsome fella? well, to some he might be. Me and my family went on a nature hike at a park. Although this hawk wasn't taken there. We'll get to that part of it. I took lots of pictures of birds today, I'll post them in the photo section of this blog. I even identified some new birds. Anyways, we were coming home, there is this pond that we pass by on the way. We call it the Beaver Pond because there used to be beavers that lived there. There's this dead pine tree, most of the time you can see vultures sitting on the branches at the top of the tree. When we went by I looked in the dead tree, and there on one of the lower branches there sat this beauty! I told my dad, (he was driving) that there was a hawk in the tree just sitting there. So, he turned the car around and pulled off to the side of the road. I rolled down my window and snapped some pictures. I will put some other ones of him on the photo section of this blog. This is my first Red Tailed Hawk picture I got. I hope I can see him again one day. Good thing I had my camera with!

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  1. Thing to remember about red tailed hawk is that the female is larger than the male--should you happen to see a mating pair in the Spring! It's an inspiring experience.