Saturday, April 20, 2013

About the Great Crested Flycatcher

Since the Great Crested Flycatcher has been around, I have decided to write about them in my own words using bird books for references for information. I have done this many times, and enjoy doing so, as I learn more about the bird myself.. so, here it goes:

Great Crested Flycatcher: A King bird sized bird, measuring 8-9 inches long. The Flycatcher is a bird that has cinnamon colored wings and tail. Also, has a grey breast and a yellow belly.. The Great Crested Flycatcher has a crest that is erect quite often, the sound of the Great Crested is a "wheeeep" or a rolling "prrrrrreeeet".. This bird ranges from Canada to central U.S. it winters in Mexico and Columbia.. this bird has some strange nesting habits, first of all, it nest in the cavity of old trees and branches, also using woodpecker hole and or bird houses.. For nesting material, they use a wide range of things; such as, feathers, rags, trash, string, hair, grass, roots, and fibers.. Sounds like a normal bird, right? here is the odd thing that I always remember, it also uses recently shed snake skins.. also, wax paper, cellophane, and onion skin.. The eggs are 5 or 6 creamy white eggs with brown spots and erratic wavy lines.. Overall, the Great Crested Flycatcher is a pretty cool bird.. And worth learning more about..