Welcome Page

I have always been interested in birds, ever since I could remember I watched birds.. Even as a young kid I used to watch the birds come to the feeders and eat... when I was a little older, I got a bird guide and started learning the names of the birds that I would see at the feeder on a daily bases.. I even got my parents learning the names of the birds... Now when there is some new bird at the feeder, I grab the bird book and look it up.. I have identified 74 (more then that now)  birds in my years of birding.. there isn't a day that goes by that I don't stop to take a minute and look out at the feeders and in the trees to see if there is any new birds... I have spent many of hours out on the front deck watching birds; some new, and some of the every day birds like Chickadees.. I got my first camera for Christmas many years ago.. That really got me into photographing birds.. Then that one wore out, and got me another camera.. The first one was just a Samsung with a 3x zoom.. but, it got me going for many years.. then, I got a bigger camera.. a Canon Powershot SX30IS with a 35x zoom.. And thats what I use to this day.. Any one can start bird watching, it all started with my parents putting up a bird feeder in the front yard.. and the first bird guide.. then the first camera.. all you need is to just start looking for birds, put up a bird feeder.. find a bird book... camera... and get to work! birding is not work to me, it is rather relaxing.. when all you hear and see are birds.. then there comes that moment when a hawk flys by.. you quickly grab your camera... (had many of times like that.) and you can hardly keep calm.. each birding moment brings something new every day.. I created this blog for several reasons; one, is to help beginning bird watchers to learn about birds; two, is to provide information about birds.. photos, and tips.. I hope you will find this blog useful.. No matter what your knowledge is about birds.. if your a beginner, or an expert.. birding is for EVERYONE! even kids.. so, grab a chair, camera & bird guide and start birding! first put up a feeder, this will help attract birds to your yard.. and most of all have fun!! ~Whitney