Birding Equipment

This Page is going to tell you what kind a equipment you will need to begin bird watching. This is a photo of my bird watching gear.. (I don't take all three books with me in the field.) I have many different bird field guides.. List below is the bird books that I find useful.. Although there are many more kinds on the market today, so choose what is best for you.. The best way to choose a bird book is for what state or country your in.. here is a list;
  • The Peterson Field Guide Birds East of the Rockies
  • Audubon Bird Guide Eastern Land Birds
  • Birds of the Carolinas Field Guide
*Note that these are for the United States.
The stuff you use for bird watching depends on the area you live, and your budget.. You don't need the top of the line stuff.. Just an old bird guide that you found at the thrift shop will do.. here is list of all the stuff I use when going on the field.

  1. Bird Guide (very important)
  2. Binoculars
  3. Camera (I use Canon Powershot SX30IS with a 35x zoom)
  4. Note Book
  5. Pen
I take along two pens, case one dries up.. if you want a camera, go with somthing that has 10x zoom or more.. if you are just starting out any camera will do.. Also, for those that want to create a bird garden Birds in You Backyard by Birds & Blooms is a great book that shows how to build bird houses and feeders, and also how to plant and set up a bird garden.. Check it out!! Hope this helps, and happy Birding!! ~Whitney