Saturday, June 18, 2011

Bluebird Family

For the past few weeks, we have noticed that some one has been building in our bluebird house. We were hoping that it was the bluebirds, so sure enough we saw the bluebirds at the house. They are building, they have no babies yet. I was lucky enough to have gotten this shot of the male eastern bluebird at the bluebird house. The female was in the tree. He didn't have anything in his beak, he just peeked in. I guess to see if the all the furniture was in the right place!!! :D No, birds don't use furniture. When I looked in the house about a week ago, they had the floor of the nest done. I haven't looked in it since. We always get a Eastern Bluebird and a Brown headed Nuthatch family every year. I wish we would get a chickadee family or something, anything besides HOUSE SPARROWS! I will keep everyone updated on the Bluebird Family. ~Whitney

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