Saturday, November 30, 2013

December Brings Birds!

With changing seasons going from fall to winter here in NC, it is the time of year for birds! we are seeing more and more birds coming in; the juncos which arrived in late October, are here heavily.. We have been feeding birds, both seed, suet and a sweet treat.. the weather is not all that cold; with lows in the 30's to 20's.. and highs in the 50's or 40's.. we have had our share of frost, but not snow (yet). I have not had the time to sit outside and bird watch. I am waiting for that day when I can sit and enjoy watching the birds, and maybe a new bird will come along.. However, I have had the time to take a few shots of birds.. And will continue to do so. I will be posting pictures, so please keep checking back! thanks to the viewers for viewing my blog! and to the followers that follow my blog.. ~Whitney


  1. Most of the birds just left here in Manitoba! You're lucky to have them come so late into the winter. You have some fabulous photos!