Thursday, January 9, 2014

Not much Birding

Since December I have not been able to bird watch or take any bird pictures.. It has been very cold. So this New Year is not kicking off the birding season like I would like it to.. Hoping to get warmer weather soon! one morning it was 9 degrees!! and only in the 20's in the day time!!! that is not good birding weather! although the birds were out; I bought them some nut and berry mix that day when it was so cold.. and they really love it.. I get that every year for them to eat on the side of suet and regular bird food.. Woodpeckers like it too.. Don't forget to check out the Facebook page to this blog! link is on the right hand side of the blog (Whitney's Bird Page) or just type it into the Face Book search bar.. Plenty of Guess That Bird and photos!! Anyways, I hope to get out there and take pictures soon!!! ~Whitney


  1. It's warm there! It has been a cold December here! With windchill it was often -50 C (-58 F) here, colder than Mars!!! I just bird from the window mostly.

    1. Its supposed to be warmer here on Saturday, but its also supposed to rain all day that day..

    2. It's supposed to warm up a bit here, it's only a mere -13 C (8 F) and warming. It's going to be about -6 C (21 F) for the rest of the week, so I'll be going outside a lot in this hot weather.