Monday, August 25, 2014

Just Checking In

 Just thought I would drop in and see how things are going.. I have been busy with traveling and missions work that I don't have time enough to post bird pictures. Let alone take pictures of birds.. This picture off to the left was taken in the rollin' hills of West Virginia.. So hopefully meaning that it is getting near fall and getting cooler, I can HOPEFULLY take some pictures of birds again.. I will be checking back here now and then.. so please keep checking back.. ~Whitney


  1. Hey Whitney, I enjoy reading the post and learning more about the birds.. we are back yard birders here in Huntsville, AL area. I make a suet out of peanut butter (4tbl), lard(2tbl), corn meal(3cup)(not mix) and flour(1 cup).Mix this combo well and add just enough water to hold together. The birds love it and with winter here they need all the help they can get. I haven't seen a bird not go to it once found. I was wondering how the bark butter differs from this? Thanks

    1. hi, your combo sounds similar to the bark butter. try adding bird seed to your mix, like a nut mix or an everyday bird side. or just add some sun flower seeds (unsalted) to your mixture.. this seems to attract more birds. hope this help! thanks for commenting!