Friday, March 22, 2013

Spring has Sprung!

Spring has arrived! time to get out there and take some bird pictures. If you are new to bird watching or photography, this is a great time of year to begin. Spring has many things to offer to take pictures of, all you have to do is look. This is a shot I took a few days ago, of an Eastern Bluebird.. The color of this bird really pops with taken right, and edited.. for those that have Facebook, I have a photography page that ya'll can like.. type in Photography by Whitney in the Facebook search bar.. this will bring up the page I created for my photography. Here you will get pictures that I post of birds and nature, bluegrass festivals, and odd things (like cowboy boots, old sewing stuff, etc.) so even if I don't post it on here, you will still get to see bird pictures on there. ~Whitney


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    1. Yes, he a pretty bluebird :) the colors are just so bright in the picture! I couldn't help but take this shot..