Saturday, November 30, 2013

December Brings Birds!

With changing seasons going from fall to winter here in NC, it is the time of year for birds! we are seeing more and more birds coming in; the juncos which arrived in late October, are here heavily.. We have been feeding birds, both seed, suet and a sweet treat.. the weather is not all that cold; with lows in the 30's to 20's.. and highs in the 50's or 40's.. we have had our share of frost, but not snow (yet). I have not had the time to sit outside and bird watch. I am waiting for that day when I can sit and enjoy watching the birds, and maybe a new bird will come along.. However, I have had the time to take a few shots of birds.. And will continue to do so. I will be posting pictures, so please keep checking back! thanks to the viewers for viewing my blog! and to the followers that follow my blog.. ~Whitney

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Fall is Here!

I am finally get some time to do some things with my bird blog. Been busy throughout the summer months. Now that fall is here, leaves are leaving the trees, it'll make it a lot easier to take pictures of birds. I started feeding my fine feathered friends last month.. And they have been enjoying the seed and also the suet I put out. In September, I ID'ed a new bird.. A yellow throat warbler! at first I thought it was a magnolia warbler, but I was wrong. Late last month, around the 28th I saw my first two juncos this year. I spotted a yellow bellied sapsucker in the tree yesterday. Along with the ruby crowned kinglet that I saw hopping from branch to branch and gleaning bugs from the leaves. I think its going to be a cold and snowy year in NC, so I'm hoping for some new birds. And maybe some pine siskins! anyways.. I'll be adding pictures here and there.. But, for now.. I'll check in now and then! keep visiting my blog! and Thank you to all that do visit my blog! ~Whitney