Saturday, April 23, 2011

First Year of Hummingbird Feeding

This is the first year that I am feeding the hummingbirds, they are here in NC. I saw two last week, I got me these little hummingbird feeders at the dollar store for starters. And I got a flower and found a pot and planted it in there and sat it on the porch, so that I could watch it. We'll see if I get any hummers within a week, I hope I do. The type of flower I planted is a snap dragon, hummingbirds like them. If you want to do this or even just plant flowers that the hummingbirds like, they will find it. I will be updating about the hummingbirds. Hope they come :) ~Whitney


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  2. We have the humming birds every year. Always two nesting in our maple tree, they came very early this year. It was only 47F and I did not get anything ready yet, since I didn't think they would be coming that soon. Well, I did now. They are again a couple, making a nest. Every year we get at least six of them hovering around. Keep those feeders in a semi sunny place, preferably less busy area, refresh the food every week, in hot summer days every 4-5 days. I noticed you do not have food coloring and that is good. Water with pure cane sugar will do just fine. Good luck getting the hummers! Oh, once they find that feeder, they will be coming back every year!