Saturday, December 21, 2013

Blue Jay Bath Day

I guess its one of those days for the birds.. saw one blue jay and a couple of house finches taking a bath this morning.. It might be the weather, being already in the 60's.. this is a one of kind shot, never have we seen a blue jay bathing.. and I just happened to have my camera on hand.. I have other pictures I will be posting in the photo section of this blog.. ~Whitney


  1. Birds bathing at this time of year? The water would freeze, right now it's -28 C (-18 F). Very nice though, I love Blue Jay color. Sometimes we have three at our feeders at once.

    1. Yes Bathing this time of year, right now its 73 degrees here.. but its supposed to get back to being colder next week..

    2. That's almost as warm as summer weather!! That must be nice for birding.

    3. yes it would make for good birding.. but I was busy today and didn't have time..