Monday, December 9, 2013

To Cold and Wet!!

Its to cold and wet here in NC to go out and do anything with the birds, yesterday I went out to feed them and about froze it was so cold. Only in the 30's! when just days before we were in the 70's.. today is supposed to be a little warm 50's with rain :( so no bird pictures and no sitting outside again.. that's why I havn't been posting any pictures or anything.. Hope to do some birding on Wednesday or Thursday when it dries up some and warms up a bit.. ~Whitney


  1. It is currently about -30 C here in Winnipeg, for you that's -20 F. It's not too cold here to sit out and take pictures, but the camera isn't supposed to be in the very cold. Maybe you should rethink your definition of freezing, :). We always have an owl that lives here in the winter year after year, so the other day I went out to look for it, and it was about -25 C (-13 F). I had to have the camera under my coat and when I was going to take a picture quickly take it out. Hope you can get some birding done.


    1. It is 49 F here today.. I just saw a red bellied woodpecker on the pinecone bark butter.. I couldn't get a picture of him because a squirrel was wanting a peanut.. lol.. Yeah. we don't ever get that cold thank goodness. Its rainy too, so that makes it colder.. Have a good day.

    2. I like the cold actually. It was -40 C with wind chill here, and that's -40 F also. I have only seen Red-bellied Woodpeckers when we were visiting in Ontario. Too bad it's raining at your place or else that would make good weather for birding. Hope it stops soon, Josiah.