Thursday, December 5, 2013

Great Birding Day


Today was a great day for bird watching, took several pictures of birds.. Including this picture of these two Cedar Waxwing. It was a one of kind shot to get this one waxwing stretching his wings.. Beautiful shot, needless to say. I don't shots like these very often. I also saw a Golden Crowned Kinglet hopping around in the tree tops.. I didn't get a picture of it since they are to quick. There where 12 of these Cedar Waxwings in one tree, I spotted a total of 17 different bird species today. Which is about normal for an hour of bird watching. I posted some pictures that I took from today, so please check them out! ~Whitney 


  1. Absolutely beautiful photo! You have the same trouble I had with Golden-crowned Kinglets, so quick! I have never been able to get a picture of one. The photos of the Tufted Titmice are so cute, I've always wanted to see one, and your pictures make me want to see them even more!

    P.S. Try to guess at my Weekly What Bird,

    1. Hi! Thank you, It was one of those pictures that I took just at the right timing. Like I said, it doesn't happen very often. I'm glad it happened though. yes, the kinglets are tough to get a picture of. I wish they would sit still long enough for me to get one picture at least.. thanks again for commenting and keeping up with my blog. ~Whitney

    2. It's definitely a blog worth keeping up with!

    3. Thank you.. I checked out your blog.. I really enjoyed seeing your pictures.. good blog.. oh and the Wednesday bird on your blog? is it a Swamp Sparrow or a Harris's sparrow?

    4. Good guesses! I will reveal the answer next Wednesday. Could you post your guess in the comments on my blog?