Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Chilly Christmas!

Merry Christmas again!
It was a chilly start to Christmas day here in NC! even saw an Ice sickle hanging on the porch rail, which I couldn't resist taking a picture of.. took a lot of bird pictures this morning already! got the birds something for Christmas, a brick of corn sunflower seeds and other things in it.. they really seem to enjoy it, the red bellied woodpecker was eating on it early this morning, of course the door was iced over and couldn't get a picture, so hopefully he'll be back. Anyways, hope each and everyone of you in the world has a very Merry Christmas!!!


  1. Do they really like the corn or just pick out the sunflower seeds? And did you make it yourself because it looks pretty easy to make, if they like it a lot I'd love to make one for them.

    1. No, they peck at the corn also.. I didn't make it, I bought it at wal mart..

    2. Thanks, maybe I'll try to make some though.

    3. OK, if you do let me know how you made it..