Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Hawk on the Hunt

I went outside to feed the birds and give them some bark butter, and while I was spreading the bark butter on the pinecone I heard a roar of wings sounding from doves across the way in a field along the wood edge, then the sound of a crow.. and I thought something has to be going on, sure enough here comes Mr. cooper's hawk gliding in for the hunt..  I don't think he got anything.. I looked for him after I got done to see where he went. Hoping that I could get a look at him, it was adult cooper's because of the grey on the head and back.. It wasn't brown like that of a young cooper's hawk.. I still hear the crows out there complaining about the hawk.. The rain has quit for now, so maybe I'll be able to go out and bird watch and hopefully the hawk will come by so I can get a picture of him. ~Whitney


  1. Every year we have a Cooper's Hawk nesting in our forest. They are very fun to watch. Glad the rain has stopped and hope you see it again.

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    2. I was able to get a few pictures taken and put them on the blog and fb page.. It was raining just a little bit while I was out there, but I figured If I wanted to get pictures I was gonna have to deal with a little drizzle.. it was still cold and breezy though.. I never did see the hawk again..